“A Splotch Of Love” (Part 04: A Flashback)

Did anyone of you think what happened to that guy who loved Anna secretly in her school? Is he still loving her and waiting for his fortune? Or he moved on? How he is doing?

Starting from the time when Anna accepted her teacher’s proposal and teacher who didn’t want to it in the neck Anna at any sake and for this, he rumored about his and Anna’s fake engagement which effect the guy whose name was Jack. He smashed inside, he was speculating about what he had done. Would that he proposed her before teacher whom he also respected a lot. He was thinking Anna deluded him she should know about her inner feelings about her love for her. But how Anna could guess that without being expressed by Jack. She was a little bit perplex about his feeling but not sure. He was one of his good friend who talked to her with respect. The timing of school was like that when Anna got off to school he comes because he was in the evening and at that time they talk to each other for about 10-15 minutes until the school bell rung for evening classes. When Anna came in front of him after that relationship with her teacher. Jack was angry with Anna inside but he never revealed her. Somewhere in his heart inside he has accused about that relationship with Anna but what could Anna do?

She is a girl who respects commitments and she has committed to her teacher so she was still chaotic inside that is that relation is good for her.

Anna’s teacher had made a plan to break Jack and Anna’s friendship. He used to misguided them both about each other due to which they both stop talking to each other. Anna started hating him and never asked him about anything and that was the biggest mistake of her. She should have to ask him so that all misunderstandings will clear on that time but she didn’t do so!

But those who are wrong they are never awarded good so teacher and Anna’s broke up as Anna come to know about his attitude and behavior and about his intentions.

A quote flashback in my mind:

As you sow, you shall reap!

Now come to the existing time a new friendship of Anna with another guy. What will be the outcomes of this friendship as Anna was a broke girl inside as she has lost a good friend also a weak relation but she was upset from the heart?


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