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Hi everyone, this is my very first nomination. I want to thank Anuneel for choosing me for this award. she is one of my favorite bloggers and writes attractive content. Her blogs are beautifully written and you must visit her blog at https://happiship.home.blog/


  1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.
  2. Share 11 facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger(s) asked you.
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11 Facts about me

  1. I love to do traveling.
  2. I love greenery
  3. I don’t like to make more friends.
  4. I do not like people who have never trusted them.
  5. I like to keep discipline and everything on time.
  6. I love painting, photography, and writing.
  7. I love music.
  8. I love to eat pasta every time.
  9. I don’t like people who have dual faces.
  10. I like to study more and more
  11. I like to do the interior in my spare time.

Answers for questions asked by Anuneel

  1. Do you read a newspaper daily? If not, why don’t you read it?
    No, because i used to read e-news and articles.
  2. What do you do when you are sad? 
    I am always given time to myself for making myself relax and then find the reason for being sad.
  3. What’s the worst thing have you done in anger?
    Nothing. I have control over my temperament.
  4. Which day of the week do you like the most and why?
    Sunday because it’s a holiday.
  5. Which one thing you regret that you should have done it but you didn’t?
    i have never regretted yet.
  6. What is life according to you?
    According to me, life is a playground where everyone come and plays their role and makes a unique story.
  7. One person with whom you share all your feelings? 
    I only share my feelings with my fiance and sister.
  8. Which is your favorite season of the year and why?
    Monsoon and winter because i love rain and in winter love to have coffee with peanuts.
  9. What is your favorite pastime?
  10. What is your favorite song? my heart will go on…
  11. What is your favorite food?
    Pasta and zinger burger.

My nominees

  1. Anuneel.
  2. Farhan.
  3. Pooja G
  4. Debatablydateable.
  5. Jerry Brotherton.
  6. The Godly chic diaries.
  7. Richard Peter.
  8. Learnography.
  9. Family today.
  10. Lemonjooz.
  11. Mitch teemley.

My questions for nominees

I ‘m going to use the same questions and waiting to know about my favourite bloggers.


Thanks to all for reading and appreciating my blog. 

“A Splotch Of Love” ( Part 13: Relationship Knot)

This is a duration when Anna endures Robert’s harsh demeanor because he has halted inside, his belief has smashed but nevertheless, he loves Anna. Only the difference in their relationship is Robert is now evading her because the can’t be able to ignore the things which have ensued.
Anna tries to placate Robert for her missteps, she attempts to make him smile but he doesn’t actually get frustrated with her.
Time is passing on but Robert is not healing yet.
Their families do meetings seldomly but not as such as they should so interrelations are not good enough.they are in a situation neither fix nor break their relation.
They have spent almost two years like that and then finally Robert forgot the past happening somewhat.
Anna asked her to marry her as she is going to graduate but Robert is not established yet as such to bear her responsibility.
He asks six months for his establishment and she gives him.
After six months, Robert started his own business and have his dream house and become a rich and well smart guy who everyone adores.
And this a time and a climax of Anna’s life and her tragedies they got happily married and live a happy life ever and after.
After two years, they are blessed with a baby girl and their family completed and from here a newborn Anna on her way to make a good story.
This is life, a non-stop tragedies, situations, and every day new stories take birth but with new faces.

“A Splotch Of Love” (Part 12: Past Affront Of Anna)

Anna is very happy nowadays as her official proposal has accepted but her parents are not happy inside. They only accept Robert for the sake of Anna. They wanted to make Anna realized that they don’t like him truly she should also marry some other well settled, well-establish and a rich and handsome person but Anna doesn’t want to leave Robert for any sake as she loves him a lot from all her heart and soul. Robert too wanted to marry her but he wants sometimes as he is studying and want to make his luxurious life on his own without his parent’s support. Anna gives him time and supports him as most as she can.
Robert is very sincere to her and fulfills all her wishes regardless of the money factor which he doesn’t as much at this age. He spends money on her without thinking of anything that how he will spend his month and anything like that. He purely and solely loves her.
But, without tragedy love stories can’t be made. The same happens in case of them. The guy who loved Anna secretly in school time studying at the same University as Anna. He is two years senior to her. Anna meets him but she doesn’t have any feelings for him like love. She just talks to him as a friend but he has a feeling for her since schooling. He thinks that his dreams will come true, now he can get Anna and can propose her but he didn’t know that Anna has already committed. Anna takes notes with him and talks to him.

rope that is about to break, with eerie background

She also tells everything to Robert about Jack. Robert permits her to take notes.
One day when Anna is talking to Jack and Robert was not at home at that time. He is busy studying so she is talking to Jack regarding studies and suddenly Jack proposed her. Anna tells him about Robert and refuses him. Once again jack has broken but didn’t complain to her about anything. He always blamed her for the past happening as he thinks Anna has deliberately rejected him on school time and prefers her teacher on him but it’s not the truth. Anna even didn’t know his feeling at that time and she couldn’t even suppose by herself that Jack loved her without his proposal so she never took him as a lover.
Anna told her everything to Robert and he refused her to talk with Jack not even for notes. But Anna talks to him occasionally for study purposes without the permission of Robert.
It is their anniversary of three years of being togetherness and they do an outing. Suddenly Robert takes Anna’s phone and finds Jack’s message. He was very upset and angry. He is out of control at that time. Anna got afraid of Robert’s reaction she can’t able to make up the situation. She is just apologizing to him and promises him that she will never contact him again. That was a time when Robert’s trust broken, his proud for Anna has broken, his love broken but still, he is committed to her and didn’t leave her but the devotion which he has for her is not the same as before.

At the end of this part, I want to quote:

The mirror looks beautiful unless it doesn’t get cracks, once crack it can’t be mend again.

Syeda Yusra Shahid

“A Splotch Of Love” (Part 11: Anna’s Official Proposal)

After Anna’s and Robert’s first meeting they often meet ones in a month, they celebrate their birthdays, give surprises and gifts to each other and love each other a ton.
They also fight with each other but Anna doesn’t like to fight with him but Robert is very emotional and short-tempered also loves Anna like insane. He is very crazy about her. He fulfills her all wishes and mulishness.
Anna feels so blessed to have a guy like him who even fulfills a lot of such things which Anna just dreamed up.
But, on the other side, Anna’s parents don’t like Robert as much. They started to pressurize Anna to ask Robert to send his family for the official proposal but as Anna knows that Robert can’t marry her right now because he is studying but she can’t hide anything from him and told everything that she is facing. Robert becomes worried about that because Anna’s parents also told her if Robert’s family does not come we’ll fix your marriage in some other place due to which they both are afraid. So Robert first time ask his father for his proposal and his father reconciled. Robert is very excited and he calls Anna for the good news that we are coming to your home. Anna is happy too after hearing it and she shares everything with her younger sister.
After a day, Robert’s mother calls Anna’s mother and asks her that they want to come to their home and she said ok you can come.

Finally, It is her day she is very eager about what will happen today and how she faces Robert’s family internally she is nervous and it is 7:00 PM a doorbell ring and Anna’s heartbeat becomes faster and faster. She closes herself in her room and got very nervous. Suddenly her youngest sister comes into the room and whispered to Anna. She smiled and ask her to go to the drawing-room. She again touches up her make up and settle down on the bed and make herself relax.
After a while, there’s knocking at the door. She sends her sister to open the gate and she saw Robert’s mother standing in front of her sister. His mother comes and hugs Anna and said I was waiting to meet you for a long time and you are so charming, Anna becomes elated and ask her about some routine things going on daily basis.
After dinner, they left Anna’s home and here Anna is very curious about the conversation between their parents. She is anxiously waiting for Robert’s message that when he reached home and tell everything to her.
At 11:00 PM Robert message Anna that everything is good now.
And they both become relaxed.

“A Splotch Of Love” (Part 10: First Meeting Of Robert and Anna!

When there is difficulty facing lovers, they always try new ways of keeping their relationship stronger than before without being feared.
The same happens in the case of Anna and Robert. Anna’s family is against their relationship but opposite in Robert’s side. Robert’s family heartedly likes Anna when they came to know about their relationship instead of opposing they support them. Robert’s mother talked with Anna and she was very glad while talking to her. Did she ask her how’re her studies going? What she’s studying and about her family, she also makes her relaxed that she will conciliate their parents and when the time comes they will handle the situation. Anna feels so relaxed after talking to her and she believes In her relation.
Now the times come of their college exams and after that, they got admission in the different universities.
It has been one year of their relationship when they got admission in University and after a long wait, Robert asks Anna to meet him. Anna was very confused about meeting and she thinks either she should agree or forbid him to meet.
She asks him for some time and Robert was confused too because he never even saw Anna, he loves her by heart, not for her appearance and that’s the thing which Anna likes about Robert. He never asked her for sending him pictures and even for her phone number. Anna had given him her contact number unconstrained.

Anna was very chaotic at University because she is very innocent and doesn’t know about the clever world. She doesn’t make too many friends but in the starting, she talks to everyone whom she finds humble and friendly.
After some days she asks Robert to meet her and Robert has mixed feelings he is amazed by one side and at the same time, he is nervous about the meeting. He was like how he will talk her face to face and the day come. It is on 27th January when they meet. They meet hardly for half an hour.
Meeting starts with a greeting and Anna gets confused while seeing Robert in front of her and she starts blabbering, which means she didn’t know that what she is speaking on the time and Robert says her just one sentence and after hearing that Anna got shy.
And the sentence is you are beautiful. my mother will adore you a lot.
And that’s how their first meeting held.

“A Splotch Of Love” (Part 09: Arduous In Love)

Whenever we talk about love we automatically think of struggles, hardships, and troubles faced in love but without troubles and echinates love is incomplete.
The same happened in the case of Anna and Robert’s love.
As their love grows, side by side their difficulties arises because as everyone knows love cant to be the hide of anyone. Love is the one which expresses by the face of the person.
Once they were talking and suddenly Anna’s brother finds her sister is smiling and talking. He comes near to her and trying to hear who she is busy talking and after a half an hour he comes to know that there is a guy. He told everything to parents and Anna’s mother scolded her, beating her and take her mobile phone and ask her don’t even dare to take your phone to me.
Anna is crying a lot but there is no one to help her because of the younger sisters of her we’re afraid of mother’s anger.
Anna hadn’t taken food the whole day but her parents not even ask her for food. In the night, her youngest sister brings a mobile phone cat-like and give her to apprise Robert about the whole situation.
Anna tells him everything and he was worried about her. He asks her to take dinner but she refused and ask him will u never deceive me in any situation. He answers her no, I will never, and I will marry you soon just after graduation. She said oh Robert how can I survive that much longer.
He said: we have to because I have not jobbed yet so we should wait.

She told him, yeah you are right I will stand with u in any thick and thins. I will support you forever because I love you So much. Robert smiled and said Anna you are so innocent and I really like you. And don’t worry everything will be better after some time as bad time soon passed away if we do everything patiently.
Will you think Anna’s parents will agree upon their relationship or forbid to accept?

“A Splotch Of Love” (Part 08: In A Relationship)

Anna and Robert talk everyday and sharing about their higher school studies, how they spent the whole day and about their families.
Whenever Anna talks with Robert she forgets all the troubles of her family, about the prior experience which is recovering now, her thoughts change about the guys now she thinks not everyone is the same. She actually unearths a friend in Robert, a wellwisher, a support system, a guideline, a cute lover.
Robert is very possessive about Anna. He even doesn’t like any guy staring at her or think bad about her but Anna was guilty inside that she is not pure and she had a relationship with another guy before Robert. She wants to tell him everything but now she loves him a lot and doesn’t want to lose him so she feels she should wait for a better time to tell.
It is a time of exams of their higher studies after passing this exam they will get admission in University so they both are preparing for their exams.
At night at 8:00 PM they talk daily so today the same ensues.
Anna: Hi.
Robert: Hi. How are you?
Anna: m fine what about you?
Robert: I am popular.
Anna: what popular?
Robert: it’s my style.
Anna: Haha very funny.
Robert: it is. Ok, tell me what are you doing?
Anna: nothing just studying.
Robert: oh do you need help?
Anna: no not exactly. But can you please explain to me the last poem of the book?
Robert: Yes of course.
Anna: talk to me on my phone number.
Robert: I don’t have it.

Anna: (Give him her phone number)
Robert: Oh thanks for your trust.
Anna: yeah! You are trustworthy.
Robert: (explaining her the whole poem)
Anna: thanks a lot Robert (she was very excited and feeling blessed to have him)
Robert: Don’t say thanks to me at least.
And in this way, Robert gets Anna’s contact number and they both are falling again and again for each other daily. It is winter and dark night. Anna wears a sweater and covers herself with a blanket whereas, Robert is under the blanket and talks with her. Their family has slept and dreamed and they both are talking and studying and the whole night flew on; their relation matures..

“A Splotch Of Love” (Part 07: About February, 12)

After the conversation between Robert and Anna, she was confused about the talks, she thought is it right what she is going through, she also thinks of her previous bad experience with her teacher and her mind was so convoluted which she is unable to straighten up.
After that Anna is not talked to him and it is February 6, when Robert is messaging her.
Robert: Anna?
Robert: Where are you, Anna?
Robert: Are you there?
Robert: Anna talks to me.
And a lot of messages which he sent her but Anna didn’t reply to him once.
Anna was thinking all day and night and finally, she makes her decision. It was February 12, Anna get online and message him
Anna: Hi Robert, How are you?
Robert: oh finally you come. Where were you since last week? I was worried about you. Is everything ok? Are you alright? I will not go to let you go again. Why were you to go to? Tell me everything.
Anna: oh stop Robert. What happened why were you worried. I am all ok. Nothing happening with me. I don’t understand why were you asking me all these like this.
Robert: I have told you.
Anna: what?
Robert: that I have a feeling for you.
Anna: what feelings?
Robert: Why are you behave like you don’t know anything?
Anna: because I don’t know
Robert: don’t do this Anna.
Anna: tell me what happened?

Robert: I LOVE YOU, Anna from the day first I have talked to you. And I don’t want to lose you that’s why I don’t have dared to tell you but now I can’t stop myself and I can’t live without you anymore. I Love You So much.
Anna: (surprised) what?
Robert: Yes Anna, please answer me
Anna: well I knew it, you love me and that’s why I didn’t talk to you. I was thinking about what to do and how to? I haven’t slept because of all these happenings.
Robert: Then what’s your decision?
Anna: it’s yes.
Robert: what?? Are you speaking the truth?
Anna: yes.
Robert: I will obey everything about what you say and all.
Anna: hahaha ok

The only difference in love and hate,
The only distance in love and hate,
The only truth in love and hate,
The only you is love but not hate..


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