It is a disease when you are suffering from depression and you cant be able to overcome it instead you are deepening and get depressed day by day which damages your nerves of the brain also called “trigeminal neuralgia”.
In this condition, your facial nerves are mostly affected which causes pain on your jaws, forehead and also in your feets and legs. This condition can be overcome and can be treated by consulting your doctor. Further, I am also sharing some of the treatments below:
Take warmth by heated bags or hot bottles it can lessen your pain.
Treatment also comprises medication or surgery. The anticonvulsant carbamazepine or oxcarbazepine is usually the primary treatment and is beneficial in about 80% of people. Other alternatives entail lamotrigine, baclofen, gabapentin, and pimozide.
Borneol, a compound in chamomile and lavender essential oils, may encourage reduce pain and inflammation that pertains to neuropathy.
Testimony implies that cannabinoids may prove useful in pain modulation by restricting neuronal transmission in pain pathways. Deeming the striking antinociceptive effects produced by cannabinoids, they may be a favorable therapeutic approach for the clinical management of trigeminal neuralgia.
Massaging one’s feet with Vicks, especially at night, soothes neuropathic pain and anguish in one’s feet and legs.


Is it most important to you?
I wanna ask all of my friends who are reading my post whats imp for you??
Is it love, support, loyalty, money, wealth, health, success or anything else??
For me, from all the above-mentioned component; Respect is the foremost priority which comes first and makes you valuable.
Respect is not the thing which you can earn, it is the sensation which you acquire with reliance and time which someone gives you without any pelerine and pelerine is the guiltiest thing which is now become a trend and people believe its a good element and give it unusual titles.
Self-respect is the emotion of dignity and enthusiasm in oneself; an impression that one is bearing with praise and dignity which is most important in one’s life because if you run for money, love, loyalty without self-respect these all things will be in futile.
Some of the people puzzled it with ego there is a difference in these two egos is virtually the fraction of the psyche that arises between the attentive and the oblivious and is accountable for sensibility testing and a connotation of a unique temperament.
So, try to gain self-respect rather than ego so try to attain respect it will give you positivity in making decisions, assertive in opinions and you can make a reliable relationship.
Guys, what important for you? If you do not agree then share your views.


Some emotional loyalty with faith which created with sense allowed to intensifies smoothly and fairly in yourself which makes you more determined and enthusiastic with your work and yourself.
Yes! It is self-satisfaction and it doesn’t mean that everyone you surround must be happy it only requires your happiness irrespective of others. But it is our fallacy to make happy your surroundings including your friends, relatives, peers, and colleagues. Because in trying to satisfy others we always forget ourselves, our emotions, our values and obviously it will create difficulties and inquietude for us.
Self-satisfaction is the most important component for peace and progression towards our future life. It will make you feel like you’re in luck with your desires and your life.
Today there are thousands of people who are living discomfort and dishonest life just because of material things which make them unhappy because they are not self-satisfied so don’t forget yourself for this mortal life. It is of utmost important to create your values on your own.

Happy New Year

A very Happy New Year to all my word Press family. You all are doing great work and everyone is creative in their own ways. Guys carry on your hard work this year too and year after. We all have learned so many lessons in the last year and hope we all will rectify our mistakes later on.

A wish for you all

Special invocations for you all because you all are my supporters and always appreciated my work.

Write to Express not Impress!

All around the world, there are different writers having different niche with a different mentality and different criteria. What i prefer to make you heed is; it is not necessary that every writer should use their writing skills professionally or for earning. You can also write to assert your sentiments because many of us cant express our feeling by showing it to others but by writing we can express ourselves, our feelings and our true emotions.

Writing doesn’t require to make yourselves impostor, you can truly express your emotions without fear of being denied by someone.

So, whenever you are writing must take care of these things:

  • Write for yourself.
  • Write to express your feelings.
  • Write to relief your depression.
  • Write to get rid of your fear.
  • Write to clear your visions.
  • Write to be strong.

What Pain Is?

Is it which we felt after injury or any terrible accidents which make us physically injured or immobile, which anyone can see and trying to make us overcome, which your loved one can discern or which any of the people see you can feel?

Loneliness makes you feel your inner pain more deeply.

Pain is actually an emotional pain which only you can feel and hide with others. No one is capable enough to realize your inner pain which exactly you felt.

what actually pain is; it hurts like a needle is slowly inserting in your heart and it’s deepening every another second which is felt by a person who was once very elated and now he has nothing. It is worse than those who never had received any happiness or remains in pain after his birth because he is habitual of suffering it but those who are born with a gold spoon and get every penny of happiness, love, affection, devotion and everything In life will feel the exact pain after stealing all these things.

Pain can extort your life makes you secluded and worsen the impasse.


Do you know how someone can be betrayed by their loved ones? How they become so flexible to be betrayed? How they make themselves unknown deliberately so that ones can be betrayed?

The thing is that when you really love someone, when you want to spend your whole life with them, when you even ignore all the mistakes of your loved ones, when you just in need of them thats called love.

But there are times when your love ones make you cry, become harsh with you, steal your every single smile which you wanna live with your lover but he/she dont even give a shit to your happiness, he/she just playing with you like a baby toy and destroy your every emotion, when you want their equal love which you are actually doing but your lover dont give you, when you are busy in pempering but your lover spoils you. This is actually betray which he/she is giving you without caring your life.

This is a time when you need someones cares but your fake lover is not giving you anything because you are just like a playing little toy which after using he/she will throw like a garbage.

I saw so many peoples who are betrayed by their lover but still attires a fake smile to show the world that they are happy, they are trying to be happy physical but enternally they are empty, they dont have anything to give the world.

So people dont make yourself flexible enough to be used by someone, make yourself strong so that no one even dare to touch your emotions.

Thanks to all Followers!

Thanks to all my followers who always like my post, read and appreciate.

I was not expecting that I can write something which my readers will like 😍 and right now I have no words to express my happiness while seeing my followers. I am here on word press since last one and half month and I got 50 followers. So I just want to thank you all.

Bless you all.

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